ELECTRO AUTOMECH EXPONENT, INCORPORATED is a foremost distributor of industrial parts and components in the Philippines. Our primary markets include cement, mining, semiconductor, power generation, and food and beverage industries. Now, two decades in business the company has grown to be recognized for its product supply and customer service, which are high standard as they are extensive.

The company started as a sole proprietorship and soon incorporated in 1988. Under the helm of its founder and president, Romeo S. Mendoza, EAE Inc. gradually and firmly established its presence in multi-product supply.

A major source of strength of the company is the comprehensive line of top-quality products we provide. The broad range of products consists of the following:

• PLC's
• Sensors
• Low/ Medium/ High Voltage Switchgears
• Valves
• Connectors
• Transmission Line Hardware
• Disconnecting Switches
• Insulators
• Motor Compressor
• High Voltage Equipments

Living up to its mission of multi-product supply, EAE has recently ventured into telecommunication industry with our wide range of product offerings including pole line accessories and data products, among others.

With our extensive network of product specialist partners in Europe, U.S.A. and China, EAE is virtually guaranteed to be a one stop shop to meet the needs of various industries.